"Give me 250 and I will show you results! "
If you heard it before YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED

It doesn't mean you won’t see your money again. You are most likely entitled to get your funds back.

• We understand what laws are manipulated and ignored in order to sustain this industry.
• With years of research and thousands of satisfied clients, we have a full understanding of
the victim's needs and concerns.

our experience will prevail even in the most complicated cases


Due to the nature of investing, many traders are not aware they are being scammed, therefore they don’t try to look for a solution until it is too late

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As an innovative company that is constantly evolving according to the needs of our customers, we are proud to present:
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3 Years of Experience

Scam Adviser, has been around for 3 years and have helped thousands of online fraud victims in getting their money back. We are highly familiar with worldwide banking, financial authorities' laws and regulations. This allows us to lead even the most complicated cases to a positive resolution in a short period of time.

No Compromises

Scam Adviser does not compromise on your service. Our teams are assembled from a large variety of former bankers, financial advisers, consultants and lawyers with real life proven experience that have dealt with all types of on-line fraud and with cases just like yours.

Transparency & Excellent Client Support

We believe that full transparency is a key component. You are part of the process, and Will receive a copy of every document for your case. Moreover your case manager and our quick support team is here for you 24/7. We have answers, ask us

Multiple Solutions

Due to our creative and well experienced team, we will provide you with more than 1 solution. Our knowledge and experience allows to handle all the upcoming obstacles that might occur when taking your case. Our secret - Winning strategy.

Recovered Money in 2019

2,400,000 $

Your Case Can Be Next.

Don’t Lose Your Faith, Money or Time, Take Action Today!

Life Casualties

Online fraud is a constantly growing industry that claims millions of victims every year. Scam Adviser’s mission is to bring this phenomenon to an end

Dedicated to:

Chris Albert Poland R.I.P
Fred Turbide R.I.P
Help us build our case against those fraudsters and save the next victim. Together we will triumph.

Some of The Brands We Won Against

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your case can be next!

your case can be next!

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